• Competitions

    Minimum games

    Players are reminded that all players must have played 3 games last season, or 3 games this season before Q-Finals stage of the Individual Championship and Handicap Competitions. Steve Mundy will be contacting players directly to let them know if they have not yet qualified.

    Updated: 19th Nov'17, 23:40

  • Missing Results

    We have 29 missing results as of today, 17th January 2018. A 'Missing Results' menu item has been added into the division information. Please take a look at the list for your division. If you have a game on there that has yet to be played, please let us know the date planned for the game. If you have games on there that have been played please let us know when and how the result was sent and send us another copy of the result for our records.

    Updated: 17th Jan'18, 14:28

The Next Meeting

The next meeting is on March 4, 2018, 11:00 am at Radford Social Club.

This will be a General Meeting